Customized coaching to fit your needs

1.  You are already an experienced speaker who is doing a TEDx talk for the first time. At first, you thought, “I’ve got this,” but soon realized that preparing for a TEDx is more difficult than you thought. You decide to take everyone’s advice and hire a professional TEDx speaker coach to ensure your TEDx talk will rock the house — and the world.

2. You only want help with your TEDx talk script. The best writers hire coaches to polish their material and correct those things the writer never sees, because of that “forest” thing. If you have nothing, don’t panic! I’ve written many TEDx scripts.

3. Knowing that your TEDx talk is a performance, not a speech, you’d like to have an experienced, trusted “director” with whom to rehearse so that your talk is of the highest standard and your audience is enthralled.

Fee Menu:

Full-Service Package: $2,500

Includes script review, up to six (6) weekly rehearsal sessions via Zoom (sessions are recorded), and unlimited emails.

Script Writing: $1,600

I will write and/or polish your script until you are satisfied with the result and it is rehearsal ready.

Rehearsal Sessions Only: (Four minimum)

First session:   $350

Next sessions: $300

I recommend weekly rehearsal sessions until the big day. If you are within a convenient distance of Wilmington, Delaware, we will rehearse in person in my special little theater, on an actual red carpet.

Plus Publicity: $1,500

Includes the writing and distribution of a press release announcing that you will be giving a TEDx talk, announcements on all of my social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and a post-talk press release announcing your talk is now on YouTube.

Payment for all services is required up front.


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