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Dana’s presentation style has been described as smart, entertaining, surprising and very funny. Her passion and knowledge of audience attraction gets people re-thinking about how they present and promote themselves to the outside world.

She has been helping dynamic leaders and bright thinkers  elevate their market presence through better media relations, more strategic content creation, smarter branding and how to keep up with the changing needs of consumers in the digital age.

Dana’s talks can be tailored to any time frame or level or audience participation.


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Workshops & Breakouts

How to Build a Profitable Presence

Learn how to achieve greater visibility for yourself or your business by honing your message, telling your story to the media, and creating the widespread perception that you are a “thought leader.”

Demystifying the Media: How to Convince Journalists to Tell Your Story

When you understand how the media thinks and works, you’re better able to become a trusted resource who’s rewarded with widespread exposure.  You’ll get the inside scoop on crucial issues such as hot to get the media to contact YOU instead of your chasing them!


Has Social Media Changed PR?

Has PR faded away with the advent of digital communications technologies? No way! If anything, PR has grown stronger because of it. Dana will explain how social media has made PR a more powerful business growth tool than ever before.


Newsworthiness: Stories That Grab the Media’s Attention

When you fully understand what kinds of stories journalists consider “newsworthy,” you’ll no longer be baffled as to why editors ignore your press releases. You’ll discover the 12 news determinants, why they matter and creative ways you can create a fountain of great new story ideas for you and your business.

Creating the Irresistible Press Kit

The press kit is an essential tool you’ll use again and again for publicity campaigns and media relations. You’ll discover the dos and don’ts of what works for every press kit, and start customizing your kit during the workshop.


Demystifying the Media

Crucial steps in why and how to develop your own customized media list. Discover secrets to building relationships with targeted media who are interested in your industry and subject matter expertise.

The Power of White Papers & Case Studies for Your Marketing & PR Arsenal

White papers and case studies are two of the most powerful marketing tools for attracting qualified leads and showcasing your products and services. Get started on creating your own white paper as well as how to repurpose content to attract the attention of your target audiences.

Personal Branding & Media Savvy

Perception is reality. I’ll guide you in creating and mastering your own personal brand to take into the media spotlight. You’ll discover how to refine your image and be prepared when the media wants to interview you.

Preparing Your Annual Communications Plan

This hands-on module focuses on creating a well-researched communications plan, the foundation for all your marketing communications strategies. Discover   the best approach to research, objectives, target audiences, key messages, strategies, tactics, timeline, budget and more!

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