Research: Ready to See Daylight?

Have you ever been shocked to realize that something you once…
October 19, 2017/by Dana Dobson

Is Your Content Cringe Worthy?

In this new digital age, where content is king, it is now more…
October 12, 2017/by Dana Dobson

The Court of Public Opinion

What if you woke up one morning to find out you had enemies,…
March 1, 2017/by Dana Dobson

Crisis Rule #3: Choose Your Spokespeople Wisely

As you’re developing your crisis communications plan,…
October 6, 2016/by Dana Dobson

Crisis Rule #2: Admit, Apologize and Sympathize

The story of the 1982 Tylenol crisis is in public relations…
September 29, 2016/by Dana Dobson

Crisis Rule #1: Be First, Fast, Correct and Consistent

Suppose there’s been an incident that’s destroyed property…
September 22, 2016/by Dana Dobson

Crisis is Publicity’s Evil Twin

“Then the shit hit the fan.”
John Kenneth Galbraith
September 22, 2016/by Dana Dobson

Break the Rules!

There are rules for most things in life, and it’s up to…
July 28, 2016/by Dana Dobson

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