How it Works

How it Works

Every ghostwriting project is different, depending on a number of factors. Following is a typical approach:

  • During our initial meeting, I’ll collect information from you, and we’ll communicate once a week via Zoom or phone. I’ll send you regular updates and drafts.
  • You provide information you’ve collected for your book — notes, documents, videos, research and other material needed to write your book. I will do additional research, if necessary.
  • I will interview friends, colleagues, experts and others and transcribe the recordings.
  • I recommend we meet in person at least once so that I can become more familiar with your personality and voice. It’s important the book sound like “you.” I will travel anywhere to meet with you.
  • If you have already written a manuscript, I write a professional query letter and/or book proposal for you to send to literary agents and commercial publishers.

Your Investment

I am a professional writer who applies talent, skills, creativity and experience to bring your book to life. I do not write on spec, or on the promise of future advances or royalties.

Before we work together, I will ask you a number of questions to calculate the amount of work required to write and complete your manuscript. After this discussion, I will quote an exact fee.

Here are some ballpark numbers:

Copyediting and proof reading a manuscript:  $7 per page

Content editing, rewriting:  $100 per hour

Writing a book: $15,000 – $50,000

Writing a book proposal: $7,500 (Waived, if I write your book)

Query letter: $450 (Waived, if I write your book)

The client pays for travel and lodging expenses, and transcription fees.