Want to be an author?

Are you anxious to publish a book or tell your story, but lack the time or writing skills to make it happen?

Why not work with a skilled writer and collaborator who can make your thoughts and ideas come to life on the printed page, whether it’s a 350-page hardcover, a 150-page business book or a 75-page eBook?

I have written all of these kinds of books for clients — memoirs, corporate histories, business and marketing books, self help, inspirational and more — in a broad range of industries.

Dana’s Ghostwriting Process

Being a ghostwriter means my contribution to your book is anonymous. You are registered with the Library of Congress as the sole author of the book, and only your name appears on the cover.

If I am, instead, your collaborator, both our names appear on the book cover, but your name is larger and my name is below in smaller letters with the word “and” or “with.”

Working as a journalist and editor, I learned to write smoothly and accurately under tight deadlines. I’m a master interviewer who will capture your story via digital recorder, transcripts, and any notes, research and drafts you have. I will do any additional research that needs to be done.

I respect my clients’ confidentiality and you can depend on my complete discretion. Your stories are treated as privileged information.


How it Works

Every ghostwriting project is different, depending on a number of factors. Following is a typical approach:

  • During our initial meeting, I’ll collect information from you, and we’ll communicate once a week via Zoom or phone. I’ll send you regular updates and drafts.
  • You provide information you’ve collected for your book — notes, documents, videos, research and other material needed to write your book. I will do additional research, if necessary.
  • I will interview friends, colleagues, experts and others and transcribe the recordings.
  • I recommend we meet in person at least once so that I can become more familiar with your personality and voice. It’s important the book sound like “you.” I will travel anywhere to meet with you.
  • If you have already written a manuscript, I write a professional query letter and/or book proposal for you to send to literary agents and commercial publishers.

Your Investment

I am a professional writer who applies talent, skills, creativity and experience to bring your book to life. I do not write on spec, or on the promise of future advances or royalties.

Before we work together, I will ask you a number of questions to calculate the amount of work required to write and complete your manuscript. After this discussion, I will quote an exact fee.

Here are some ballpark numbers:

  • Copyediting and proof reading a manuscript:  $7 per page
  • Content editing, rewriting:  $100 per hour
  • Writing a book: $15,000 – $50,000
  • Writing a book proposal: $7,500 (Waived, if I write your book)
  • Query letter: $450 (Waived, if I write your book)
  • The client pays for travel and lodging expenses, and transcription fees.

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