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Book Proposal Checklist

The book proposal is the business plan for your non-fiction book and explains your idea to justify why your book will sell

Publicity for TEDx Speakers

Use this free guide, “Publicity for TEDx Speakers,” to get ideas for ways to get wider exposure for your TEDx talk and more views on YouTube.

Publicity Tools Checklist

Use this handy 2-page Publicity Tools Checklist to help you get a handle on the various documents and resources you need to attract media attention, fill your sales pipeline and build your mailing list.

Your Annual Communications Plan

Quickly learn how to organize and create a comprehensive plan that will guide your PR and content strategies in 2019, making it more likely you’ll achieve your objectives.

Overflowing with Leads: How a White Paper Grows Your Business

Learn what a white paper can do for your business and download our free white paper about white papers, “Overflowing With Leads: 12 Reasons Why a White Paper Will Dramatically Grow Your Business.”

Developing a Profitable Market Presence

Free Report Explains Key Elements of a Strong Personal Brand

Essential Tools for Media Mastery (Video)

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to create a press kit, and this video explains, step-by-step, how to put yours together, and why.

6 Publicity Myths that are Holding You Back (Video)

In this FREE video, “6 Publicity Myths That Hold You Back,” I’ve shared the most common misconceptions people have about PR.

The Media Mindset (Video)

In this free, informative video, we’ll take a walk in reporters’ shoes, and clear up some of the misconceptions many people have about how the media operates. I’ve offered some great tips, too.

Personal Branding & Media Savvy (Video)

If you dream of building a large audience, mailing list or fan base, your livelihood depends upon how well you manage and convey your personal presence.

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