What’s Your Speaking Style?

What is your speaking style? How do you speak to groups of people in a way that is uniquely you? After years of watching and working with speakers, I have noticed certain patterns of delivery that fall into the following buckets: Fiery Preacher The fiery preacher is passion on steroids. He/she has a keen sense […]

Business Etiquette

“Business Etiquette” is defined as the polite conduct expected among peers, colleagues and others as a means of creating and maintaining harmonious co-existence in the professional world. It’s about the expectations for business behavior we hold as a group. We adhere to these codes of behavior in business for several reasons, one of which is the care […]

Your Audience is One

I was one of 300 TEDxWilmington fans who had come to see more than two dozen experts, scientists, adventurers, visionaries and survivors  share their “ideas worth spreading” with a crowd of enthusiastic, open minded individuals. It was an inspiring lineup: a horse whisperer, a retired circus aerialist dangling upside down from the ceiling on a […]

Is PR Still Relevant?

Someone asked this question today in Quora, and I felt compelled to answer it on a wider scale, because the fact that so many startups and entrepreneurs are asking it troubles me. Is public relations still relevant? Quick! Get my pills! Public relations is still, and always will be, relevant! I believe the term, “marketing,” […]

Time for Your Six-Month Checkup

It has been six months since the beginning of 2018. Yup. Six months. Already. That means it’s time to take a pulse check on how well you’re doing on the business growth initiatives you set out when you created your annual plan. When you’re a small business or ambitious-but-struggling entrepreneur, this can be a painful […]

Part One: Will I Make It?

Death by a Thousand Cuts I was laid off from my VP marketing job when I was late in my mid-50s. I worked at a community bank that was positioning itself for sale, and to cut expenses, guess who was the first to go? Right. The marketing department. We’re marched to the chopping block in […]

5 Important Protocols for Speech Rehearsal

How many times have you rehearsed a speech by mumbling the words to yourself while flossing your teeth in front of the bathroom mirror? There are many important steps when preparing for and delivering a good speech, whether you’re giving a 12-minute TEDx talk or a 60-minute keynote. The most critical part, however, is the […]

5 Ways to Lose an Audience

Has your appeal to large audiences been trailing off lately? Are you getting fewer and fewer “likes” or “shares” on your content — none, maybe? Ugh. We all struggle with it. We can blame changing algorithms, insufficient SEO, and the ever increasing shrieking noise of the online marketplace. But if your sales have been flat […]

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know-Itis

This might be another dumb human story. It’s certainly something we all have in common. Maybe it’s even hard-wired into our DNA. The problem is, it can cut us off at the knees without our ever knowing it. It’s called, “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know-itis.” It hurts us because it blocks us from […]

How to Get Them Eating Out of Your Hand

Growing a service-based business is harder today than it ever was. Before our friend, I. M. Internet, came along, our big business development goal was to fill the pipeline with leads so that we could initiate the sales process. It was purely a numbers game. It still is, to a great extent, but the game has changed. […]

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