Research: Ready to See Daylight?

Have you ever been shocked to realize that something you once thought of as the truth, something you’d been led to believe your entire life, was a complete falsehood? Most of us can cite hundreds of examples. Santa isn’t real. The earth is round. Some fat is actually good for you. Boomers rock. All shockers — […]

Is Your Content Cringe Worthy?

In this new digital age, where content is king, it is now more critical than ever to connect with, and deliver value to, the people who matter to the success of your business. Unfortunately, some people never got the memo. You’ve probably met a few of them during your business travels. You soon realize they’re […]

Why I’m a TEDx Junkie

One of the major thrills of coaching TEDx speakers is watching them blossom from the initial creation of an idea worth spreading to delivering a superstar talk on the big day. Another thrill is being involved (as a volunteer) with the planning and execution of a TEDx event, It gives us the opportunity to become acquainted […]

A TEDx Speaker’s Experience, featuring Jim Lee

In his 2013 TEDxWilmington talk, “Why the Millennial Generation Isn’t Broken,” financial advisor and futurist Jim Lee describes people between the ages of 16 and 36 as a, “somewhat economically challenged generation.” As a rule, they live at home, do not buy cars, are not getting married until their late 20s, and in many cases, […]

The Court of Public Opinion

What if you woke up one morning to find out you had enemies, lots of them, and you were in for a life-or-death battle? A reporter had said something negative about you in the newspaper or on TV, or someone with an axe to grind had started a rumor about you via Twitter or some other online […]

Social Media Needs Strategy

Before you hire someone to “do” your social media, make sure they have a profound understanding of communications strategy and human behavior. For social media to be effective in your business, it must be a good strategic fit for what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to use social media in your marketing mix because you […]

15 Common Complaints from Journalists

During my interviews with members of the professional media on the Media Pro Spotlight podcast, I ask for their advice on what people could do better to establish warm relationships with them. Often, this leads to a list of things PR people do to make journalists’ lives a living hell. Following is a list of things […]

What is Public Relations?

At a recent speaking gig, I asked for a show of hands of who in the audience used public relations in their business. Out of a crowd of around 100 people, about 20 hands went up, and so did my eyebrows. In actuality, the room should have been a sea of waving arms. Every business […]

You Must Have an Online Platform

My brother forwarded to me on Facebook recently the YouTube video of singer Michael Young belting out “Unchained Melody” in a voice so boomingly rich and powerful it made me gasp. Aside from my amazement at his surpassing talent, I noticed that, incredibly, people in the subway station walked right past him, tapping away at their cell […]

Is Your Book Ready for an Editor?

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is an annual event held in November that challenges writers to draft a 50,000-page novel in 30 days. To achieve that goal, you must write a minimum of 1,667 words a day, which is a tall order, even for accomplished writers. The exercise is meant to develop your ability to […]

I just published What Kind of Speaker Are You?

For my ballroom dancing friends, this event on Thursday (Dec. 6) will knock your sparkly shoes off! Tickets still available.


Before you submit your nonfiction manuscript to agents, you must first write a book proposal, which typically includes the following chapters.