How One Big Thing Changed My Business

I did a little hibernating over the holidays to de-stress and rethink my professional life. After my TEDx talk in November, a tsunami hit me — extreme fatigue, anxiety, self-doubt, and genuine confusion about what I was supposed to do next in my life. Doing a TEDx talk is a tough act to follow. I […]

From My Heart in 2017

Anyone who knows me is aware of the specific and numerous challenges I’ve survived to be where I am today. But really, who hasn’t?  Everyone reading this email has endured challenges, torment, heartbreak and disillusionment. When I was younger, I thought the universe had singled me out for special punishment. It’s a silly and self-centered […]

PR & Communications Trends in 2018

Next year, business communicators are going to work harder than ever to adapt to a radical shift in the consumer mindset, part of which is, “What’s in it for me?” The most crucial objectives are to stay relevant, understand new technologies, and give the market what it wants. But don’t fret – givers get. Accordingly, […]

Rehearse Out Loud

Does this sound familiar? You’ve got a script to memorize. Your method is to do it line by line. When you’ve got the first sentence memorized, you move on to the next and commit it to memory. Then you recite sentences one and two together. When you feel like you know it, you move onto […]

Brag Busting

One of the most important goals of public relations-type communication is to secure “third party credibility.” This is when other people say wonderful things about you rather than your having to do it yourself. When you do it yourself, you’re bragging and it’s tacky (always has been) and people ignore it. When other people talk about your […]

Blog Creation Tip: OPW (Other People’s Words)

This is a quick tip for anyone who doesn’t have a blog because they: a) can’t write b) hate to write c) don’t have time to write d) don’t have anything interesting to write about So here’s a good one — interview people! Have a Q&A session with someone who’s interesting, has particular expertise, owns a popular […]

Research: Ready to See Daylight?

Have you ever been shocked to realize that something you once thought of as the truth, something you’d been led to believe your entire life, was a complete falsehood? Most of us can cite hundreds of examples. Santa isn’t real. The earth is round. Some fat is actually good for you. Boomers rock. All shockers — […]

Is Your Content Cringe Worthy?

In this new digital age, where content is king, it is now more critical than ever to connect with, and deliver value to, the people who matter to the success of your business. Unfortunately, some people never got the memo. You’ve probably met a few of them during your business travels. You soon realize they’re […]

Why I’m a TEDx Junkie

One of the major thrills of coaching TEDx speakers is watching them blossom from the initial creation of an idea worth spreading to delivering a superstar talk on the big day. Another thrill is being involved (as a volunteer) with the planning and execution of a TEDx event, It gives us the opportunity to become acquainted […]

A TEDx Speaker’s Experience, featuring Jim Lee

In his 2013 TEDxWilmington talk, “Why the Millennial Generation Isn’t Broken,” financial advisor and futurist Jim Lee describes people between the ages of 16 and 36 as a, “somewhat economically challenged generation.” As a rule, they live at home, do not buy cars, are not getting married until their late 20s, and in many cases, […]

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