15 Common Complaints from JournalistsDana Dobson
During my interviews with members of the professional media on the Media Pro Spotlight podcast, I ask for their advice
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Is Your Book Ready for an Editor?Dana Dobson
NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is an annual event held in November that challenges writers to draft a 50,000-page novel
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Create Your Own CharismaDana Dobson
We used to think that charisma was an innate quality possessed by an anointed few. Some people had “it,” that
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How Are You Perceived by Others?Dana Dobson
How do you think that you, as a person apart from your business, are perceived by others? There are ways
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How to Write a Press ReleaseDana Dobson
A well-written, properly formatted press release is a great tool for making your target audiences aware of important developments in
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Break the Rules!Dana Dobson
There are rules for most things in life, and it’s up to you as a classy person and professional to
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Who Gets All the Attention?Dana Dobson
If you’re in business, you’re always trying to figure out how to get people to pay attention to you. The thing
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Be Unique and Don’t CompareDana Dobson
The phrase, “Keep your spoon in your own bowl” is Appalachian in origin, and it means that one should mind
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Learn the 5-stage process for creating a wildly successful publicity campaign. https://t.co/lBe3Cmkze5

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