Attention. Engagement. Trust. Recognition.

I teach high touch businesses the importance of, and and how to implement, of earned media strategies to stimulate growth, brand awareness and increased revenues.

“High touch” businesses include advisory firms, financial services businesses, accounting and legal firms, insurance brokerage, real estate, coaching and personal services.

Human connection is EVERYTHING for the growth and sustainability of a high touch business. Your primary business development strategy depends upon the reputation of yourself and your practice as thought leaders. Plow your scarce resources into “earned media” strategy, versus inbound marketing strategy, to grow your business.

When/if you decide to launch a tangible product, THEN consider strategies that are optimal to low touch businesses.

I speak frequently about building profitable market presence for leaders and experts, demystifying traditional and digital media outreach, how to create publicity campaigns, and how to adapt to the new value principle of content delivery in the digital age. My presentation style is the perfect culmination of years of experience as a musician, actress, writer and marketing communications expert. Audiences leave feeling energized, educated and entertained — with practical actions they can implement immediately.

A third passion is helping people with an “idea worth spreading” as a TEDx speaker coach. My clients deliver the talks of their lives with powerful speeches, riveting on-stage performances, and skills they’ll use the rest of their professional lives. Even speakers who’ve been speaking to crowds for years benefit from the TEDx coaching experience. Call me for a chat: (302) 456-1200.

There are loads of ways to grow your audience – speaking, book writing, content marketing, lead generation, media relations, podcasts, YouTube videos… I could go on! Once you find the strategy that works best for you, you will see a marked increase in the number of people who care about your message and who are willing to take advantage of what you offer.

I work with a number of clients as their audience attraction advisor and coach. If you’re uncomfortable with implementation (how-tos), or if your marketing team wants to sharpen its “brand journalism” or media relations skills, I can help you, just as I’ve helped Fortune 500 clients and hundreds of small businesses.

Consider booking me for a half-day consulting session to identify opportunities to up-level your audience development and brand engagement strategies.

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