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Award-Winning Ghostwriter. Professional Speaker. PR Consultant. TEDx Speaker Coach.

I work with businesses and experts to implement and keep up with ever-changing 21st century communications strategies to stimulate growth, brand awareness and increased revenues.

Audience attraction and engagement is critical for the growth and sustainability of your business. That’s why “earned media,” word of mouth and social proof are the most effective business development techniques in the digital age.

Your success depends upon the awareness and recognition of your organization as the “go to” experts in your industry. Where do you begin?


There are loads of ways to grow your audience – speaking, book writing, content marketing, lead generation, media relations, podcasts, YouTube videos… I could go on! When we work together to find the strategy that works best for you, you will see a marked increase in the number of people who care about your message and who are willing to take advantage of what you offer.


I work with clients as a mentor, advisor, coach, strategic planner and implementor. Even the most experienced marketing people are unfamiliar with the most powerful methods of attracting customers: pubic relations, which includes media exposure, content strategy (brand journalism), proper social media outreach, crisis communications, brand awareness, and more.

If you choose to engage with me in one-hour, half-day or full day consulting sessions, we’ll create the optimum strategies for suiting up and getting you ready for the playing field.


You’re never without options. Consider me someone you can call on to execute any aspect of your public relations strategy — press kits, media training, writing, speaker training and so much more.

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Before you submit your nonfiction manuscript to agents, you must first write a book proposal, which typically includes the following chapters.