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Audience is EVERYTHING in business. Without an actively engaged audience, your business cannot survive and you may be forced to live in a van down by the river.

My passion is working with service-based businesses to achieve goals through effective audience attraction and brand engagement strategies, using the myriad of tools available in the digital age.

I talk about audience attraction a lot in my keynote speeches, breakout workshops, and corporate training sessions. My keynotes are the perfect culmination of years of experience as a musician, actress, writer and marketing communications expert. “Edu-tainment” is what it’s called. There’s a lot of humor in my talks (some things just have to be said), with plenty of takeaways, too.

A third passion is helping people with an “idea worth spreading” as a TEDx speaker coach. My clients deliver the talks of their lives with powerful speeches, riveting on-stage performances, and skills they’ll use the rest of their professional lives. Even speakers who’ve been speaking to crowds for years benefit from the TEDx coaching experience. Call me for a chat: (302) 456-1200.

There are loads of ways to grow your audience – speaking, book writing, content marketing, lead generation, media relations, podcasts, YouTube videos… I could go on! Once you find the strategy that works best for you, you will see a marked increase in the number of people who care about your message and who are willing to take advantage of what you offer.

I work with a number of clients as their audience attraction advisor and coach. If you’re uncomfortable with implementation (how-tos), or if your marketing team wants to sharpen its “brand journalism” or media relations skills, call me.

Consider booking me for a half-day consulting session to identify opportunities to up-level your audience development and brand engagement strategies.

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