Dana Dobson

Award-Winning Ghostwriter. Professional Speaker. PR Consultant. TEDx Speaker Coach.

Dana Dobson

Award-Winning Ghostwriter. Professional Speaker. PR Consultant. TEDx Speaker Coach.

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I work with businesses and experts to implement and keep up with ever-changing 21st century communications strategies to stimulate growth, brand awareness and increased revenues.

Audience attraction and engagement is critical for the growth and sustainability of your business. That’s why “earned media,” word of mouth and social proof are the most effective business development techniques in the digital age.

Your success depends upon the awareness and recognition of your organization as the “go to” experts in your industry. Where do you begin?

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How Strong Is Your Reputation?

Traditional marketing words have changed dramatically in the age of the internet, but not the concepts. The trendy term, "personal brand," has largely replaced the word, "reputation." It pertains to the importance and focus of individuals within organizations seeking...

What’s Your Speaking Style?

What is your speaking style? How do you speak to groups of people in a way that is uniquely you? After years of watching and working with speakers, I have noticed certain patterns of delivery that fall into the following buckets: Fiery Preacher The fiery preacher is...

Business Etiquette

"Business Etiquette" is defined as the polite conduct expected among peers, colleagues and others as a means of creating and maintaining harmonious co-existence in the professional world. It's about the expectations for business behavior we hold as a group. We adhere...

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Dana is a tremendously thoughtful and brilliant woman. Anyone seeking to amplify their message in the way that matters most should speak with Dana FIRST, whether it is to be recognized in the news, have their content written more personally or improving their own personal brand. I cannot imagine anyone more talented to get the work done right the first time than Dana Dobson. She is a 10+ in my book!

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There should be NO presidential debates without live fact checking. Pass it on.

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